Tutorial: How to play Bless Online with VPN and Englisch Patch (Rus OBT) Download

  1. Download VPN here – free one Softether – Download (54.280 KB)
  2. Install the VPN and choose CLIENT version.
  3. Download the Bless online english patch for the rus obt – Download Eng Patch for Ru *** update 19 april.2017
  4. C:\\Bless\BLGame\Localization\RUS Backup this folder (!!! you may need it for other gamepatches !!!)
  5. Extract the files into in \BLGame\Localization\RUS and override the existing files.
  6. Start the VPN and connect with an Russian/Ukrainian/Lithiuanian vpnserver
  7. When it doesn connect fast enough, choose another server.
  8. Start the 101XP launcher and click on Bless
  9. Start Bless with the green button
  10. Wait till Bless starts a picture that its loading than close your vpn connection
  11. Have fun ingame

*** The Reviveenglishpatcher doesnt work, download here the Raw files.

Paid VPN i use is Hidemyass it works great without issues: