Bless Online English Patch download

Bless Online English Patch for the rus obt – bless online english patch download for ru *** update 19.04.2017 bless online english patch russian bless online english patch 2017 bless mmo english patch bless online english patch for ru bless online english patch ru bless online english patch 2016

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Tutorial: How to play Bless Online with VPN and Englisch Patch (Rus OBT) Download

Download VPN here – free one Softether – Download (54.280 KB) Install the VPN and choose CLIENT version. Download the Bless online english patch for the rus obt – Download Eng Patch for Ru *** update 19 april.2017 C:\\Bless\BLGame\Localization\RUS Backup this folder (!!! you may need it for other gamepatches !!!) Extract the files […]

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Tutorial: Wie man Bless Online Spielt mit VPN und Englisch Patch (Rus OBT) Download

English Patch für die Rus version runterladen – Download Eng Patch for Ru *** update 19 april.2017 „C:\Bless\BLGame\Localization\RU“  Ordner als Backup speichern (!!! wird bei Patches benötigt !!!) Dateien aus der EngPatchRu.rar in „C:\BLGame\Localization\RU“ enpacken und überschreiben   VPN  runterladen – Free von Softether – Download (54.280 KB) VPN installieren und CLIENT version auswählen. […]

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Riders Of Icarus As Title Implies Has Me Totally Engulfed

Have a look at the game page which includes more info, screenshots, user reviews or extra videos, with intention to make sure more about iders of Icarus. His love for MMOs and gaming all in all has led him to covering games for quite a few internet sites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where […]

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Riders Of Icarus Looks Really Like A Time When Painting Fantasy Art On Side Of Vans Was A Thing – Riders Of Icarus Is Always Like A Pokemon Mmo But Not

Sadly, despite being totally free, By the way I haven’t heard top-notch news about cash state shop. Whenever making you a lot tougher, looking at the founders access items, the greatest tier doles out some pretty massive buffs including an item that grants a sizeable increase in health and defense. Giving away stat boosts as […]

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Riders Of Icarus Went Free-To-Play And With It Toimplementation Of A Cash Shop No Surprise There: Riders Of Icarus

Third CB test which ran from June two to June 7, 2016 had a way wider test audience, toaerial MMORPG Riders of Icarus was first revealed in 2012 and has since been launched in its home territory of South Korea and in Japan. First Closed Beta test was held betwixt January 2016. A second Closed […]

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What You Must See: Riders Of Icarus Guide – You Will Turn Them Into Pets That Will Fight Alongside You

Extraordinary items will enable you to make different uses for them, beasts start in mount form. General monsters, look, there’re named creatures that mostly have specific requirements to fulfill unto they usually can be tamed. Let me ask you something. Will the grind be stretched out for quantity of trepidation. Will paying players have an […]

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erster eindruck bless online

Erster Eindruck Bless Online Koreanische Beta

Mein erster Eindruck Bless Online beim ersten Starten in die Spielewelt Schaut in mein Video, da wird alles gezeigt.

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lets play together smite

Smite Lets Play Together #1

Mit Smite Lets Play haben wir angefangen Dies ist unser erstes Video, ich hoffe wir haben uns seitdem ein wenig verbessert.

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lets play together the division

The Division: Lets play together Folge 1

Erste Folge unserer Division Let’s Play Serie

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